1. Your mail is directed to MailSentry appliances
  2. We filter based on your preferences
  3. Only clean mail is forwarded to your mail server

Why Use MailSentry?

  • Zero Hour Protection.

    Realtime protection detects new threats and keeps you protected while the others play catch up

  • Dead Accurate

    1 in a million false positives provides peace of mind that none of your legitimate email will be flagged as spam

  • Cost Effective

    Enterprise Accuracy at SMB prices. With a 99% capture rate, save time and money by stopping spam before it reaches your network.

  • ironport Powered by IronPort

    Be protected by the same devices that protect many major Australian banks, airlines and government organisations.

Aside from the spam filtering, we're finding that a major benefit is having your server as our primary SMTP server. As a small business, our internet connection goes down intermittently - and the MailSentry server just buffered them up & sent them through once were back on the net.
Darren Bruning - FarmKeeper Pty Ltd

Benefits of Use MailSentry Hosted Email Filtering

Spam and email borne viruses account for billions of dollars in lost revenue each year. MailSentry email filtering combats this by reducing the strain on your business Internet connection (and therefore reduces your bandwidth costs) by filtering all malicious email content and only passing valid email on to your mail server.

Staff no longer need to spend valuable time sorting through spam email manually. Reduce the risk of extensive downtime due to a virus outbreak reaching your systems before the antivirus companies detect and update their filters.

  • 24x7 hosted email filtering protection
  • Save bandwidth by only receiving valid emails
  • Reduce wasted productivity
  • Significant cost savings over in-house email filtering appliances
  • Free setup for hosted service